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Enthusiasm about getting the vaccine, inspiring others too

Enthusiasm about getting the vaccine, inspiring others too


Satwas (AboutGyan News). People have shown special enthusiasm for getting the vaccine of Kovid in the city. Those who have got the vaccine, they are inspiring others to do the same. Those who got the vaccine told that it is completely safe. So don’t be under any kind of rumor or confusion, get the vaccine when your turn comes.

The local citizens got a big relief due to the increase in the quota of vaccine at Satwas Center. On Wednesday, 300 people in the age group above 18 years got vaccinated at the local government Umawi Vaccine Center and 30 people in the age group of 45 years got the vaccine. On Wednesday too, there was a long line of people to get the tokens of the vaccine since early morning, but due to the increase in the quota, all the people got the tokens easily. Mohsin Syed, in-charge of vaccination work, said that out of the quota of 300 doses received on Wednesday, 50 such people were vaccinated directly with Aadhaar card without token. Those who come from the high risk group, include salon workers, fruit-vegetable sellers, teachers etc. Under this group, teacher Suresh Rania and salon worker Anil Srivas welcomed this decision of the government by getting vaccinated on Wednesday. After Satwas Nagar, now there is enthusiasm about the vaccine in the surrounding rural areas as well, especially among the youth. On Wednesday, youth from villages like Badkan, Khiroda, Pangri, Semli, Balia, Baroda etc. came and got the vaccine administered. Yogendra Patel Semli told that vaccination is necessary to prevent corona epidemic. We are also telling this to the elders of our family. Their demand is that if vaccination is done at the Panchayat level, then it will be accelerated further.

300 youth got anti-coronavirus vaccine

Tonkkhurd (AboutGyan News). On Wednesday, 300 youths with 18 plus and 70 people with 45 plus were vaccinated in the city’s excellent school. The 18 plus people got 100% vaccination. Immunization Nodal Officer Dr. Rampal Sunwania, while inspecting the session, said that a target of 300 was set in 18 plus, in which all of our Kovid team’s Gulrej Shaikh, Vikram Amjeria, Sadhna Parmar, Meena Makode, Manisha Malviya, Sangeeta Tanwar, Santosh Kumar Malviya commented. Expressing happiness after getting the first vaccine, young Khushi Jain said that my Tonkkhurd slot was not being booked continuously on the mobile phone. According to the new guidelines of the government, we were given priority. Got my number today. Continuous vaccination has reduced the number of corona infected patients. I request everyone to get the vaccine done when it’s their turn, so that corona can be avoided.

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Vaccine could not be administered even after having token

Due to overcrowding at the center, the system got messed up

Shredded. The citizens of the age group of 18 to 44 are being vaccinated against Kovid-19 in the government school of the city. On Wednesday, 200 doses were allotted for 18 plus in the city, for which the youth started influx since morning. Tokens were distributed by the Health Department to ensure smooth functioning of the system. The youths worked hard and got tokens. Even after this, many citizens, despite being tokens, returned due to lack of vaccine. According to the vaccination officer Devchandra Khatri, 200 doses have been completed. 10 to 15 citizens had to return without vaccination despite having tokens. Due to overcrowding at the center in the afternoon, many people got the vaccine without token.