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Five CNG crematoriums to be built on four Muktidham of Indore

Five CNG crematoriums to be built on four Muktidham of Indore


Indore (AboutGyan Representative). Indore Municipal Corporation is preparing to set up five CNG crematoriums in four Muktidham of the city. These crematoriums will be set up at Pipalyapala Regional Park, Panchkuian, Rambagh and Malwa Mill Muktidham. An amount of about two and a half crore rupees will be spent on these. There is not a single CNG cremated crematorium at Pipalyapala Regional Park Muktidham so far. For the first time, two crematoriums will be provided here. Rambagh and Panchkuian Muktidham already have one CNG-cremated crematorium and now similar crematoriums will be set up there. A CNG-cremated crematorium will be set up in Malwa Mill Muktidham this month as well. Municipal commissioner Pratibha Pal has instructed Additional Commissioner of Municipal Corporation Abhay Rajangaonkar and Superintending Engineer Ashok Rathore to start the work through tender process soon.

The average expenditure of 65 lakhs on a crematorium: Superintending engineer Rathore said that on an average the cost of construction of a CNG-cremated crematorium is Rs 65 lakh. It costs around Rs 30 lakh for civil works and Rs 35 lakh for machinery related works. Woods are saved from this crematorium and more bodies can be cremated at a time. It is also better in terms of environment. Corporation officials said that CNG provides CNG to the Avantika Gas Company Corporation for free cremation houses. For this, the corporation does not have to pay any kind of fee.