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Folding stretchers are realizing the hope of the mission

Folding stretchers are realizing the hope of the mission


Barwani (AboutGyan representative). The hilly areas of Pati development block located in the remote region of the district attract all. The mountains here challenge people to test their abilities all the time. Even today, due to the Falia culture, there are many areas from where the patient can be transported only by stretcher to the bottom access road. In view of this, now some relief is being received from the mission expectation started by the administration. Under this, folding stretchers have been provided to Anganwadi workers to bring sick and pregnant women from inaccessible areas where vehicles cannot reach them. So that if necessary, the patient can be brought down from the mountain and sent to the health center for better treatment. This trick is also proving effective.

Some such examples were seen on Tuesday. A similar question arose in front of Anganwadi worker Manisha Jamre of Pakaliya Falia of village Gudi, the focal point of the mission hope, when the wife of Raja Ram, a resident of Falia, started getting the labor pen of the second delivery. The Anganwadi worker immediately called Janani 108, but it was not possible to bring the pregnant from the vehicle due to being mountainous. In such a situation, the worker resorted to folding stretcher and with the help of relatives, took the pregnant woman from the mountain through the path of two kilometers of curved trails and took her to the vehicle and took her to the health center of village Gudi. Where the woman gave birth to a healthy son of two and a half kilos and now the mother-child is healthy. Explain that in view of these challenges in the hilly region of the district, the present collector has started centenary innovation with his posting to be 100 percent institutional.