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Forms of changing bodies due to encroachment

Forms of changing bodies due to encroachment


The low level of lowlands is decreasing, the administration is not interested in saving the ponds

Rewa (AboutGyan representative). Ponds play a huge role in increasing the water level, but the existence of ponds is constantly in crisis. The land mafia and the dazzling of construction work, are working to put the ponds in the worst crisis. The ponds are constantly getting depleted and water level has started to decrease due to this. There are about 40 to 50 ponds in the Terai zone of the district. The said pond has been climbing due to encroachment and this causes the problem of water in the Terai region in the scorching heat every year. Whereas if the ponds are protected and protected, then the water level will be good and people will not have to face the problem of water. By saving the ponds, the beauty of the Terai region and the existence of the ponds can be maintained.

Ponds should be freed

Giving information about the problem prevailing in the ponds of the Terai region, Ramlakhan Gupta, a member of the District Archeology Association, informed that there are a large number of ponds at places like Sahijwar, Tianthar, Deupa, Pancha, Amilkoni, Saunori, Deupa and Sohagi. Most of them are vulnerable to encroachments, which should be freed in the public interest. In this context, former District President and Senior Advocate of Bharatiya Janata Party Sushil Kumar Mishra and Kanwar Bharat Singh Bhadauria said that the High Court had earlier ordered that all the ponds, pokhars and pokhari in the state should be encroached. But the problem has not been diagnosed.