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Gwalior Black Fungus News: Half an jaw was removed before the operation was done

Gwalior Black Fungus News: Half an jaw was removed before the operation was done


Gwalior Black Fungus News: Gwalior, New World Rep. Some patients who have defeated Corona now have a disease of black fungus (mucor mycosis). Due to this, the eyes and jaws of the patients are swollen and have to be done till the operation. Half a jaw of a patient suffering from black fungus has been removed at Apollo Hospital on Thursday. Earlier, the left eye of this patient was removed. At present, about 50 patients are admitted in private hospitals, including 18 patients in Jairogya Hospital.

Ramkumar Sharma (age 55), a patient from Gwalior, defeated Corona 10 days ago. He is now undergoing treatment for black fungus at Apollo Hospital. The first operation was performed on his nose. His jaw and eye were also swollen. Due to this, dental specialists had to remove the jaw of the patient after performing the operation.

Till now four people have eyes removed in the district: So far, the eye surgery of four patients of black fungus has been done in the district. It is these fodder patients who have to remove their eyes after surgery. Even today many cases of this disease are coming up.

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Treatment is too costly, pain is too deep: In black fungus, the patient has to do a lot of injections. These injections cost millions. At the same time, the patient is kept hospitalized for about two weeks after the operation. It also costs lakhs of rupees for treatment. In such a situation, most medical insurance policies are not able to meet this expense, because in most cases medical insurance is up to five lakh rupees. Also, in case of severe infection in the patient’s eyes and jaws, only the eyes and jaws are cut and removed. Due to this, the patient has to suffer severe pain throughout his life.

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Rajkumar Sharma’s operation has removed the jaw. He had a black fungus, which led to an operation.

Dr. Rajveer Yadav, Dental Specialist, Apollo Hospital