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Gwalior Corona Virus News: Corona infection three times in 10 days in Gwalior

Gwalior Corona Virus News: Corona infection three times in 10 days in Gwalior


Gwalior Corona Virus News: Gwalior, AboutGyan Rep. If the government figures are to be believed then the countdown from Gwalior to Corona has started. In the 10 days of May, the number of infected has come down from 1020 to 376. That means three times the number of patients decreased. At the same time, the transition rate also fell from 24.7 (May 5) percent to 10.7 (May 14) percent. Relief figures have also come from healthy patients. According to the bulletin released on Friday, the number of patients recovering has increased three times from the infected to 1159. It will be called a miracle of the corona figures, but the number of deaths is not taking a lasting name. On Friday, the number of people who lost their lives from Corona was 20, which was 16 less than 36 last day.

The intensity of the second wave of Corona was revealed on these dates last month. On 13 April, the number of infected came to 700 and rose to 735 on 15. On April 24, the maximum number of infections was 1328. On the same day, the infection rate increased to 38.1 percent and the death toll was 53. At the beginning of May the figure also increased. The data began to decline after May 5. Experts say that these relief figures are reassuring, but now it is more important to be cautious than before.

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