Gwalior Court News: The unique condition of the court will have to be paid to buy oxygen equipment and medicines for Kovid patients


Gwalior Court News: Gwalior. New Zealand Representative. The single bench of the High Court has added a unique condition in different bail matters. The accused will have to pay money to buy oxygen equipment and medicines for Kovid-19 infected patients. 10-10 thousand will have to be deposited. This money will have to be deposited in the Red Cross Society or CM Relief Fund. The money that will be deposited in this fund will have to be bought and given to the hospital by buying medical equipment. Apart from this, the accused will also have to plant saplings around the police station. After planting the saplings, the report will have to be presented in the High Court within 30 days. Justice Anand Pathak in his order said that the above directions have been given to the accused on expressing his desire to do social work. But he has to comply with the conditions of bail only then he will get the benefit of bail. come

Cases are registered against Hari Om and Suraj Srivas in different cases. He had filed a bail application in the High Court. The accused had expressed their willingness to serve before the court. In this regard, the court has granted bail with condition. The accused will have to deposit Rs 10,000 each in the Red Cross Society in the Collectorate. Or you can also deposit money in CM Relief Fund. The court has directed the accused that after planting the saplings, the accused should also nurture them. Because along with tree plantation, tree nutrition is also necessary. The accused will have to plant 6 to eight feet high plants by digging 3-4 feet pit so that they can grow. After 30 days the accused will have to submit the report along with the photographs of the plants planted. After this, the progress report of these trees will have to be submitted every two months till the time the matter is under trial in the court.

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The court in its order said that this direction has been given as a test case, so that the idea of ​​​​violence and evil can be reconciled through antagonism, creation and oneness with nature. At present, there is a need to develop the nature of kindness, service, love and compassion as an essential part of human existence, because these are the basic tendencies of human life and it is necessary to revive for the maintenance of human existence.

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