Gwalior Crime News: Ganja was bought from Andhra Pradesh for Rs 11 lakh, after reaching the right place, it was sold for a quarter of a crore


Gwalior Crime News: Jagendra Sen, Gwalior New Dunia. People associated with the illegal drug business of the area have started seeing huge earnings in smuggling of ganja. Andhra Pradesh and Odisha have become major hubs of hemp production. From here hemp is being supplied all over the country. Hemp is being smuggled from these two states on a large scale in the region. Because if the ganja brought from here smuggled away from the eyes of the police, if it reaches the right place, then its value becomes ten times more. In Andhra Pradesh and Orissa, according to the quality, hemp gets one to 1.5 lakh rupees a quintal and after reaching here, the price of the same hemp becomes Rs 15 lakh quintal. The demand for ganja has increased significantly in the big metros. The four accused, who were caught with one and a half quintals of ganja, have admitted in the interrogation. They had brought the seized ganja by buying it for 11 lakhs. After reaching here, this ganja would have been sold for 1.25 crores. The four were expecting a profit of Rs 20 to 22 lakh on one round. The crime branch has sought remand of the four accused by presenting them in the court.

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Hemp cultivation is done on the lines of opium cultivation in Mandsaur: Hemp is cultivated on the lines of opium cultivation in Mandsaur in Orissa, Andhra Pradesh. Licenses are also given for cultivation of hemp. Illegal cultivation is also done under the guise of these licenses and this illegal ganja is being smuggled across the country. For this reason, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa have become big hubs of ganja.

Fifteen and a half quintals of ganja caught in four days In the last three days, the Crime Branch of the district and the Morena police station have recovered fifteen and a half quintals of ganja smuggled from Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. Eight accused have been caught with ganja in Morena. The accused have confessed that this ganja was to be supplied to Agra, Dholpur and Etawah. The crime branch of the district has recovered one and a half quintals of ganja on Thursday. The accused confessed that this ganja was to be supplied in the city itself apart from the adjoining districts. The police is now trying to reach the local ganja selling network by taking Charan Goswami, Ajay, Durgesh and Amit on remand.

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