Gwalior Crime News: Kampu TI line spot who charged 10 thousand rupees for entry from truck driver


Gwalior Crime News: Gwalior, New Dunia representative. On receiving a complaint about being charged Rs 10,000 as entry from the truck driver, SP Amit Sanghi on Thursday sent the acting inspector (in-charge Kampu police station) Manish Dhakad and constable Sunil Rajouria to the line after preliminary investigation. Audios seeking entry have also reached the police officials through internet media. This is also being investigated. ASP (IPS) Hitika Vasal is investigating the matter related to recovery of entry.

ASP Hitika Vasal said that after bringing a truck outside Kampu police station, a complaint was received from the driver asking for an entry of 10 thousand. After coming to the notice of this, the statements of the driver were taken. After this, the reply of Kampu police station in-charge Manish Dhakad and constable Sunil Rajouria was taken. If the reply was not found satisfactory, the report was given to the Superintendent of Police.

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Checking Audio: The audio related to the entry of the investigating officer through internet media has also come to the notice of the officers. It is being verified. After these audio investigations, the action of departmental inquiry will be considered. During the investigation period, the caretaker inspector and constable will give their services in the police line.

Entry recovery caught earlier also: The matter of recovery of police entry at the city limits is not new. Even before this, the police officers have caught many police personnel while collecting entry. However, after a few days of attaching the line, the matter goes into cold storage.

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