Gwalior Crime News: Woman missing from Gospura reached her maternal home in Delhi, brother called and told her husband beats her


Gwalior Crime News: Gwalior, New Dunia representative. The newlyweds from Gospura left the house at night leaving her husband and other relatives to sleep. Seeing the newlyweds missing from the house, the family members searched around, but nothing was found about her. The husband informed the Qila Gate police station about the disappearance of the wife. The police started searching for the missing. Sent the family members to find the station and bus stand. The missing had happened with a young man living in Gospura only five months ago. Young man doing private job. In the evening, the missing brother informed the in-laws that his sister had reached home. Told the police that the maternal uncle has come due to the husband’s beating. On reaching the house of the newlyweds, along with the in-laws, the police also breathed a sigh of relief.

The vehicle that crushed the three-year-old innocent was not found: On Monday night, a three-year-old boy was crushed to death by an unknown vehicle near the coal temple on Panihar Highway, due to which he died on the spot. Since the accident, the police is continuously searching for the vehicle, but till now no clue has been found. The wife of Sabir son Shahzad Sheikh, who lives in Panihar village, had gone to the farm on Monday evening. Three-year-old son Chotu also went with him. Mother and son were returning home in the evening after finishing the work on the farm. Then Chhotu’s hand was released from his mother’s hand. The mother understood that the son would be following her, so she did not pay attention. After reaching home, he saw that the son had not returned home together. After this she went out on the highway to find her son. Then the son’s body was found lying in a pool of blood on the highway near the coal temple. Police are searching for the vehicle, but till now no clue has been found.

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