Gwalior Dharma News: 111 feet high statue of Hanumanji will be installed in the big pool of Ashoknagar in the month of September


Gwalior Dharma News: Gwalior.AboutGyan Rep. City sculptor Prabhat Roy is busy shaping the 111 feet high mace-bearing Hanumanji idol these days. This idol will be installed in the middle of the big pond of Ashoknagar in the month of September i.e. around Diwali. Tulsi Sarovar will be established in a pond near the park. This pool is situated at a distance of about half a mile to the north-west of Chanderi Nagar. It is one of the ten tourist places in Ashoknagar. Where tourists go to visit. In this idol, Lord Hanuman will be seen giving blessings with one hand holding a crown on his head, a mace in his hand.

The model of the idol prepared of six and a half feet-

Before giving shape to the idol, a model of the idol of Hanuman ji, six and a half feet high, has been prepared. This idol is being prepared at a cost of one crore twenty one lakhs. After three months this idol will be taken to Ashoknagar. Due to the high height of this idol, it is being prepared in different parts. This idol is being made from metal coated fiber, resin metal sawdust, matte catties and other materials. This idol will not be harmed in any way by water, dust, soil etc.

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