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Gwalior Health News: ECG machine stolen from hospital ward

Gwalior Health News: ECG machine stolen from hospital ward


Gwalior Health News: Gwalior, AboutGyan Representative. After moving the patients’ goods from Jairagya Hospital, now the case of carrying ECG machine from the ward number-1 of the hospital has come to the fore. The incident of Chairi is being reported as of Thursday. On the complaint of Naratham’s son Bhikaram, the police have registered a case of going to machine Chairi. The price of the machine is being told about 6 thousand rupees. Police are preparing to extract CCCTV footage installed in the hospital to reach the thief. It is worth mentioning that even before this, the patients and purses of many patients have already been sent to Jayaragya Hospital. Even after the security guards were deployed, security incidents have been questioned due to the incidents of Chari.

Notice to doctors who do not provide services in rural: GR Medical College has issued notice to 24 doctors, who have not rendered their services in the village for a year. Doctors who have given services have not informed the medical college about this. While the PG doctors contract that he will give one year services in the village, if he does not provide services, he will have to pay five lakh rupees to the government if he breaks the contract. Doctors who have not given their services in the village as per the terms of the contract have also been warned to end registration by the college. After the action of Natis, the Junior Doctor’s Association has also started preparing for the assessment. At the same time, Juda has warned that the government had promised that they will be given relief from the bond of duty in rural areas if they do duty in Kavid. If the government does not fulfill the promise, the juda will be forced to do so. Whose responsibility will be the responsibility of the government.

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