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Gwalior Naidunia Sehatshala News: Do yoga according to ability and need

Gwalior Naidunia Sehatshala News: Do yoga according to ability and need


Gwalior Naidunia Sehatshala News: Gwalior/Indore, Naidunia Representative. It is important to know each and every aspect of Yogasana to get complete and holistic benefits. While doing yoga, the capacity and requirement of the body should also be taken care of. Yoga practice done in proper manner is beneficial. The Patanjali Yoga Sutras say that an asana is one in which we can stay calmly and comfortably for some time. Yoga expert and yoga doctor Dr. Hemant Sharma said this on Tuesday under the new Duniya Sehatshala.

In the Sehatshala being organized by AboutGyan for its readers through Facebook activity page, Dr. Sharma also mentioned about the division of asanas and said that asanas expand a lot. There are as many different types of asanas, but the most commonly performed splits include standing, sitting, abdominal and back postures. There are further divisions of asanas for purposes such as meditation and relaxation postures. Apart from this, the other asanas to be performed are called body enrichment asanas. Always do the asana calmly, do not make any haste in it and should stay in the posture for some time. Dr. Sharma told that it is better to do Shashakasana after corona infection. To do this, while sitting in Vajrasana, while breathing, bring the arms above the head. Keeping them straight, maintain a distance of shoulder width between them. While exhaling slowly, tilt the arms and head forward. Rest both hands and forehead on the ground in front of the knee. Stay in the final position for 10 breaths. Then while inhaling, straighten yourself while raising the arms and head. Those who have the problem of high blood pressure, slip disc, dizziness, they should do this asana with caution.

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