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Gwalior News: Freedom to share ideas from internet media

Gwalior News: Freedom to share ideas from internet media


Gwalior News: Gwalior, AboutGyan Representative. There is a need to be with Jindadili at present, as the situation is not good. Internet media has given us the freedom to share our ideas easily. Realizing this, keep motivating others. This was to say that of National Motivator Anupam Tiwari. On Friday, he was addressing the flight starters’ camp as the keynote speaker. He told the students involved in the camp that they are the future of the country, so take care of yourself. Keep doing something so that they remember the era. Tejendra Gurjar, Pooja Gurjar JU Public Relations Officer Dr. Keshav Singh Gurjar, social workers Jagdish Gupta, Ruby Kashyap, Asha Singh, Jaideep Jain, Ravi Mishra, Sachin Gupta, and Sourav Bhargava were present on the occasion.

Members have done work in the field of service mentioned online: JCI Surabhi held an online board meeting on Friday, which was named Smell Culture. In this, the members of the chapter gave details of the work done in the field of service in the coronary. After this, further agenda was also prepared. At the meeting, members were asked to contact such families, in whose house someone died due to corona. They should help such families at their level. Keep on noting this work, because later you have to give the details of your work again. Past President Preeti Aggarwal Aggarwal was present as the keynote speaker at the meeting. National trainer Ritika Gupta, President Neelam Agarwal, Secretary Tanya Gupta, Rakhi Cesaria, Sheetal Garg, Preeti Aggarwal, Priyanka Kalajang, Rita Taneja, Pinky Gupta, Priyanka Aggarwal, Monica Sharma, Neetu Garg, Pratibha Gupta, Neetu Aggarwal, Sadhana Gupta. , Shikha Goyal and Rani Goyal etc. were present.

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