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Gwalior News: Youth efforts are continuing in the service of humanity

Gwalior News: Youth efforts are continuing in the service of humanity


Gwalior News: Gwalior NewDuniya Representative. Due to Corona, some members of the city are not able to get out of their homes in search of bread for two times. Due to this, the problem of filling the stomach has arisen in front of his family, efforts are being made by the National Sant Suraksha Parishad to resolve it. Council members distributed food to families living in Anand Nagar and Vinay Nagar areas on Wednesday. This work is being taken forward in collaboration with Vipar Mahila Manch. Not only this, now Raj Nayak of Kinnar society has also started contributing. All members are also working for Gomata. Manisha Shukla, Deepak Shinde, Bhupesh Shriwas, Sanjay Sharma, Atul Jain, Harsh Bansal, Akash Mishra, Raja Batham, Renu Upamanyu, Sukanya Sharma and Anil Kant were also present on the occasion.

Completion of Online Yoga Camp of Legal Services Authority: An online yoga camp is being organized by the Legal Services Authority. The camp was concluded on Wednesday. At the closing, yoga guru Shrikant Mishra trained Yogasan, Pranayama, necessary to protect Kovid. Also resolved the questions asked by the advocates. In the Yoga training program, members of Madhya Pradesh State Advocates Council, senior advocates, government advocates attended and received the training of Yogasan and Pranayam. On the other hand, a yoga camp will be organized from May 20 for officers and employees of the High Court. Yoga will be done through Zoom from 8 to 9 am. All the people of the city, including advocates, attended the camp. In the coming days, the Legal Services Authority will continue to make such a plan.

Gwalior News: Preparations are also made to get employees by purchasing vaccine for smooth operation of industry-trade

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