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Gwalior Vaccination News: 4391 people have vaccinated at 21 centers

Gwalior Vaccination News: 4391 people have vaccinated at 21 centers


Gwalior Vaccination News: Gwalior, AboutGyan Representative. The vaccine has come to life in the midst of the corona epidemic. There is also enthusiasm among people about getting the vaccine. Due to this, 4391 people got vaccinated at 21 centers in the district on Monday. In this, 973 people took the first dose of corona and 3418 people got the second dose vaccine. Crowds are gathering at the centers for vaccination. In the morning, a large number of people are coming to the vaccination centers to get vaccinated. Vaccination could begin at two places in the district on Tuesday due to lack of vaccine, while vaccination is no longer being conducted in private hospitals due to lack of vaccine.

On Monday, a total of 21 centers, including Jairogya Hospital, District Hospital, Hazira Hospital, Hem Singh’s Parade, Sharad Pratap Ashram, DD Nagar, MH Hospital, Dabra, Bhitwar, were vaccinated for cocaine and coviciled vaccine. At these centers, 231 elderly people above 60 years of age and 1469 got the second dose vaccinated. At the same time, 609 people above 45 years of age and 1783 got the second dose. Now only 11 thousand doses are available in the district

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Four positives were found among those caught traveling unnecessarily Under the system of conducting rapid antigen tests by catching unnecessary wanderers, four positives have come among those caught on Sunday. They have been isolated. Action was taken to catch people from different places across the city on Monday as well. It is to be noted that in order to strictly follow the Corona Guidelines, arrangements have been made to test unnecessary wanderers through rapid antigen test. After catching such people, the police is sitting in the Sarvadharma College at Baragaon, Murar. The health team of those caught from morning to evening is being called and a rapid antigen test is being done.