Gwalior Vaccination News: 61.5 percent in rural and 51 percent in city vaccination


Gwalior Vaccination News: Gwalior, New Dunia representative. To promote vaccination in rural areas, the health department has increased the number of centres. Due to this, there was more vaccination in the rural area than the city on Monday. A total of 16 thousand 152 people were vaccinated in the district. On Monday, four vaccination vehicles also roamed the settlements and markets and vaccinated people. Vaccination is not kept on Tuesday. On Monday, a total of 173 centers were set up in the district, half of which were rural and half in the city. The target was to vaccinate 8810 people in rural areas. Out of these, 5321 people got vaccinated, due to which the vaccination rate here was 60.5 percent. At the same time, the target was to vaccinate 21 thousand 040 people in the city. Out of these, 10 thousand 831 people got vaccinated and the rate was 51 percent.

Teach the employees of super specialty to extinguish the fire: The Fire Brigade staff of the Municipal Corporation on Monday taught the staff of the super specialty how to control the arson. Fire Brigade nodal officer Atibal Singh said that on the instructions of the divisional commissioner, the entire team had reached the super specialty. Where, in the presence of super specialty superintendent Dr. Girja Shankar Gupta, all the staff working in the hospital were told that if there is an incident of arson, then how to control it. During this, it was also told and taught about how to fire with cylinders. The review of which was taken by the Divisional Commissioner through video calling. On Monday, the employees of the Super Specialty Hospital located at Jayarogya Hospital were trained to douse the fire by the employees of the Fire Brigade. During this, the rules of safe physical distance were not followed.

Gwalior NaiDunia Sehatshala News: For better health, there should be balance in life of religion, artha, work and salvation

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