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Heavy rain with heavy thunderstorms

Heavy rain with heavy thunderstorms


Dindori (AboutGyan Representative). The district is undergoing a continuous change in the weather. On Thursday also, due to the change in the weather, rain started with dusty thunderstorm in the afternoon. The weather has been clear since morning and strong sunshine has also come out, after about two o’clock in the afternoon, there was a slight drizzle with cloud cover in the sky. After this, there was strong sunlight. After three o’clock in the afternoon, the sky became cloudy and dusty thunderstorms started moving. It started raining shortly. The rain brought down the weather and people got relief from the humid heat. Due to the dust storm in the district headquarters, garbage has also accumulated in the streets. Life was also affected due to the storm and rain. After four and half o’clock in the evening, the rain came to an end and sunshine came out.

Electric movement continued: A tree fell near the petrol pump in the Narmada Bridge, near Moorki Road, due to the thunderstorm, which disrupted traffic and caused problems to the drivers. At the same time, there has been talk of flying a tin in the thatch of some houses. People in rural areas have also suffered a lot due to the damage of the thatch due to the impact of the typhoon. There have also been rains in the areas including the district headquarters. After the dusty storm, the rain also caused lightening. Due to bad weather, the movement of electricity continued in the evening.

Crop, vegetables were also affected: Due to rain with dust storm, damage to the crops kept in the farm barn is coming to the fore in rural areas. Apart from this, the weather has also hit the crops of mango, guava and papaya, including vegetables. Crisis is also being seen on wheat kept in open in procurement centers. Due to non-lifting due to continuous weather, farmers are worried about wetting of wheat kept in the open in the procurement centers.

A woman and two children burnt alive in a fire in Kisalpur, Dindori

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Rainfall also in Shahpura area: The effect of thunderstorm was also seen in Tehsil Shahpura area of ​​the district. Due to the storm, the effect of water was not much. Certain crops definitely got wet in the purchase center of Shahpura. Elsewhere, the situation was normal. The weather got colder due to thunderstorms and rain and people got some relief from the sultry heat. The condition of the rural areas of the area remained the same.