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Hospital Fire Safety in Indore: Fire Safety Audit started on the day the report was to be given

Hospital Fire Safety in Indore: Fire Safety Audit started on the day the report was to be given


Indore (Newdunia Representative), Hospital Fire Safety in Indore. Corporator Pratibha Pal, on May 13, took orders to complete the fire and lift safety audit of private and government hospitals in the city by May 18, but the investigation of the hospitals started only on Tuesday. In that too, two private hospitals could be examined on the first day. The commissioner has given instructions to check government hospitals on priority, but not a single government hospital fire or lift security check could be conducted on Tuesday. The corporation officials say that the work could not be done due to the first Eid holiday and later the meetings of ward level groups formed to prevent corona. On Tuesday, a consultant examined the fire safety arrangements at the CHL hospital.

The investigation took longer due to the large hospital. Investigating consultant Ankit Nigam said that he examined fire safety devices, their documents, etc. in every floor and room of the hospital. We will now make a report about the standards and the existing facilities of the hospital in detail. Another consultant also checked fire safety equipment at Aishwarya Hospital located near Scheme 140.

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Eight government hospitals will be examined from today

Additional Commissioner of the Corporation Abhay Rajgaongaonkar said that the consultant has held a meeting with the Dean of the Medical College on Tuesday. Fire safety checks in a total of eight government hospitals will start from Wednesday. The work of checking fire arrangements is to be done on a priority basis. Elevator safety measures will be examined by a separate team. This work will probably start from next week.