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If someone started the new year by reaching the temple, then someone served the needy.

If someone started the new year by reaching the temple, then someone served the needy.

Publish Date: | Sat, 01 Jan 728 06: 56 PM (IST)

– New year seen in the market, crowded restaurants and hotels

Bhind (New Dunya representative). As soon as people woke up on the new year, they reached the shelter of God and worshiped, worshiped and wished good luck for the year 01 Some people were seen doing service to the needy and cows. At the same time, the market remained bright till late evening. Along with this, the parties continued till late evening in the restaurants and hotels of the city. At the same time, Bhandaras were also organized in the city on this occasion

to welcome the new year 01 It started as soon as Friday evening. The parties continued in the hotels and restaurants of the city till around o’clock in the night. People were enjoying the programs by dancing on the music system and DJ playing loudly on film tunes. Farewell to the year 728 and celebration of the arrival of the new year 01 The people were waiting for many days, which was completed on Friday. As soon as evening came, the events started in the city amidst the noise and noise of music. People had installed music systems everywhere. Homes were also decorated. Everyone seemed eager to celebrate the new year in their own style. People were eagerly waiting to bid farewell to the year and welcome the new year. However, due to the night curfew started on Kovid, the enthusiasm of the youth looked a bit fuzzy.

The round of best wishes started at night 31

Goodbye year and Dhoom night of new year 31 had started from o’clock. As soon as the people of the city made a colorful start of the new year by lighting fireworks at night 01. And the mobile bells started ringing. Everyone kept wishing each other through mobile in the night itself. This year, mobile and internet media were used fiercely by the youth on the new year and through this, remembering their acquaintances and relatives on the new year, as well as sending them greetings through different types of compositions or through bouquets of social sites. Did it

Police checked hotel at night

2019 From the evening of December itself, the police started strictly on the main roads. After this, the police searched the hotels operating in the city. At the same time, checking points were set up by the police at other places including Housing Colony, Gauri Road, Gol Market, Lahar Road in the city.

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