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Indore News: Fertilizer purchased for plants from others due to commission

Indore News: Fertilizer purchased for plants from others due to commission


Indore, Naidunia Representative Indore News. Every year the forest department plants saplings on a large scale to make the forest area green. In order for these plants to grow well in a short time, fertilizers and soil are also added. But in the last year, there has been a problem in purchasing fertilizers. In keeping with the rules, the Indore Forest Division has bought fertilizer from such an agency, which did not get the tender. In the matter, the agency receiving the tender made a complaint to the Forest Department Headquarters. On the other hand, according to the responsibilities, the agency receiving the tender has been told not to supply fertilizer. However, the audit department is also engaged in the investigation.

In the rainy days, in February last year, he told to plant saplings in Indore, Mhow, Manpur and Choral ranges. There was to be a tender process for purchasing fertilizers. But in March 2020, due to corona infection, the Indore Forest Division extended the tender process for a few months. Tenders were called in June, in which three to four nurseries and agencies participated. Fertilizer and soil had to be supplied for the whole year. Tender opened to Gayatri Nursery. Initially 100-100 kg of manure was called twice. But the latter did not contact anyone for manure. Later instead of Gayatri, manure was called from Shivashree Nursery. The tender process was completed during the tenure of the then Forest Conservator Kiran Bisen.

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Ranger Pushpalata Maurya of Environment Branch said that the agency had asked for fertilizer supply. When many forest workers contacted the agency, they agreed. Pakanj Khandelwal of Gayatri Nursery says that the forest workers had asked me for bills instead of manure. It was not possible to give. Pankaj says that once or twice manure was called. Later the department did not convey the demand. The work is being done in the tender from the second place agency. Complaint has been made to the Headquarters. Forest Conservator Narendra Pandawa says that there is not much information in the matter yet. I will discuss with the concerned officials. However, payments related to fertilizers are not being made.