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Indore News: Indian public still confident in media news even today

Indore News: Indian public still confident in media news even today


Indore, NewDuniya Representative Indore News. After the country’s independence and especially after the economic liberalization in the 90s, the Coronakal has shown a new direction to the increasing journalism towards professionalism. Moving away from social concerns, the global epidemic has given journalists an understanding of the psychology, sociology and economics of the populace. This was stated by Dr. Sonali Nargunde, Head of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication Department of Devi Ahilyabai University, in a seminar organized by Kanyakubj Manch magazine. This seminar was organized on Thursday through Internet media to commemorate the birth anniversary of Devarshi Narada.

As the keynote speaker at this national seminar on ‘Narada vision in journalism’, Dr. Sonali, while quoting the devotional formula of Devarshi Narada, expected journalists to play an advisory role during the Emergency. Director General of Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi, Prof. Sanjay Dwivedi told that Devarshi Narada, who was reputed as Adi journalist, had communicated the Lokmangal. Senior journalist from Ghaziabad, Shambhunath Shukla said that the Indian public still believes in media reports. It is the responsibility of a journalist to go deep into the news rather than hear it. A journalist should have contact with everyone, but friendship should only be with the truth. The responsibility of journalists increases even more in the coronary period.

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Hareram Vajpayee, president of the Hindi Parivar Indore, said that Narada Jayanti gives an opportunity to journalists to evaluate and analyze their working style. Fairness and honesty is its ornament. Shailendra Joshi, the editor of Sarvabrahman Shikhar, described the journalism of Devarshi Narada as judicious, deva-demon and Manuja for all and non-violent. In the seminar, Dr. Mukesh Dubey from Indore, Yogendra Joshi, Ranjana Sharma, Vivek Vajpayee from Ujjain, Prof. from Lucknow. DC Mishra, Vikas Pathak, Saurabh Awasthi from Kanpur, Ajay Pandey, Rajesh Dixit, Manisha Pandey from Noida, BK Mishra from Mumbai and Gopal Krishna Pandey from Bhagalpur also expressed their views. Ashutosh Pandey conducted the seminar. Vishnu Pandey accepted the gratitude.