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Indore News: Qazi minister doing duty at crossroads

Indore News: Qazi minister doing duty at crossroads


Indore, AboutGyan Representative, Indore News. Minister Tulsiram Silavat was shocked to see Qazi standing at the crossroads on Friday morning. Suddenly the train stopped and said Eid Mubarak. You are doing a great job. Do not leave the bloodthirsty. The minister appreciated the work and left.

The incident is of the Vijay Nagar crossroads. Qazi was none other than TI Tehzeeb Qazi of Vijay Nagar police station. While the family was happily celebrating Eid, they were doing duty in the area. Suddenly, the ministerial entourage passed through there. He immediately stopped the car and approached Qazi. Eid said happy to them. You are doing good work The minister was referring to the fake injection case. TI holds the gang selling fake injections. The minister cheered and said, do not leave such bloodthirsty.