Infection rate one percent will now get 100% vaccination


Ratlam (Rep. of New Zealand). When he took office on May 9, the first challenge was to reduce the rate of death and infection. Planned and implemented at micro level in the district. Thirty days later, the infection rate is now around one percent. Now with 100% vaccination, there will be special emphasis that the number of new patients per day should be less than 10. Collector Kumar Purushottam said this in a discussion with ‘AboutGyan’.

It is known that in the second wave of corona infection, maximum patients were found and died in the district in the months of April and May. A month ago, on May 8, the maximum number of 398 new patients were found in a single day and an average of five to six deaths were reported daily. The infection rate had reached 36 percent. When the situation worsened, the then collector Gopalchandra Dad was transferred on May 7 by the government.

Corona came under control in the district due to this planning

1- Focus on track, trace and testing

The collector said that most of the patients who came to the medical college in the month of May were reaching serious condition. In such a situation, a plan was made for track, trace and testing. From the history of the patients, it was found that where in the villages and towns they kept taking treatment with which quacks, due to which the treatment could not be done properly on time. After identifying such people, the treatment of quacks was stopped strictly there. In the areas of infection, more testing was done by conducting intensive survey. Due to this new cases started getting the right medicine and treatment.

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Took information about those who got 2-CT scans

Many positive patients did not get tested and started taking treatment in private hospitals after getting CT scan done. The concerned were monitored by taking the data of those who got the CT scan done from the private lab. Emphasizing on isolating the relatives of the infected person at home, arrangements were made for testing at home itself. The relatives of the infected themselves were coming to the hospitals for testing. Due to this there was a possibility of spreading the infection.

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Ratlam Crime News: Angry with chugli, the teenager was killed, the body was buried in the pit

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3- Increase 300 beds in rural areas

In order to reduce the pressure on the medical college and to provide immediate first aid to the infected in the village itself, 300 beds have been increased at health centers in rural areas in the district. In the survey of Kill Corona, the team reached every house and quality medicines were given. After visiting every center of the district, guiding the staff and clarifying the line of action. 240 containment areas were created for more infections. About 5000 people were isolated.

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Watchman murdered in under construction showroom of bike in Javra, Ratlam

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13 new positive cases, 36 discharged

On Monday, 13 new positive cases were reported in the district. 36 patients were discharged on recovery. There was not a single death for the fifth consecutive day. Now the number of active patients is 308. So far 17407 positive cases have been reported in the district, while 16755 patients have been discharged after recovery. The total death toll has reached 308.

476 beds vacant in medical college

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Drug dealer and BJP leader arrested for black marketing of oxiflow meter in Ratlam

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On Monday, six persons returned home after recovering from the Government Medical College Hospital. At the time of discharge, these people resolved to follow the rules of Kovid and to make their relatives follow all the rules. Dean Dr. Jitendra Gupta told that 10 new patients were admitted. The total number of beds in Medical College Hospital is 550. ICU beds have 23 out of 56 patients. HDU has 24 patients in 172 beds. Oxygen Bed 180 has 24 patients. Patients are admitted on three out of 142 non-oxygen beds. A total of 74 patients are admitted in the hospital. Of these, 38 are positive and the rest are suspended or oxygen level. There are 476 vacant beds in the hospital. According to the status of Remdesivir, the total received till now is 7580, distributed 1557, consumed 5911, current stock is 112.

Medicine kit distributed to seven patients

On Monday, Health Officer AP Singh received the list of home isolation patients from the E-Daksh center and took seven medicine kits from the store of the district hospital and made them available in the fire department of the corporation. Ward wise teams formed from the fire department were made available for distribution. Medical kits were distributed door-to-door to the patients of home isolation by the teams formed ward wise. Medical kits were distributed to seven patients as per the list. Apart from this, 14 medicine kits were provided to the relatives of the patient.

263 containment zones created in the urban area

For the prevention of corona infection, as per the instructions of Collector and Administrator Municipal Corporation Kumar Purushottam, such areas where corona infected are being found, that area is being made a containment zone. Under this, 263 containment zones have been created in the urban area so far. The Municipal Corporation is sanitizing the roads, streets, buildings etc. of different areas with one lakh liters of water by mixing one percent sodium hypochloride every day with fire lorries and tractors. On Monday, sanitization was done in various areas of the city including the medical college with fire lorry and tractor. Apart from this, medical college, micro containment area, collectorate, e-Daksh office, municipal office and government offices etc. were sanitized through hand machine by a team of 14 persons.

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