Irruption of vaccination system in Agar disturbed people


Agar-Malwa (AboutGyan News). Beneficiaries have been worried about the changes in the system of vaccination in Agar, the city headquarters of the district headquarters. Special problems are being faced by 45 plus people. The problem started coming from 27 May. From this day, 45 plus vaccination was started in the city of Agar, whereas till this, vaccines were being given in this age group in the old hospital complex, Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir and Sarai campus cantonment of the city. In such a situation, along with the 45 plus, many senior citizens are also having to return from these centers amid the scorching heat. Wardwise, under the system of vaccination, regular vaccination on Tuesdays and Fridays and special sessions of vaccines in one ward every day except Sundays and public holidays are being organized for 45 plus people. Out of the 23 wards of the city, the ward in which vaccination takes place, neither is publicity nor public announcement being made by the Health Department a day before.

According to the directive of the government, the vaccination of 18 plus and 45 plus under the high risk group is being done in the Municipality Town Hall for two days. Only 18 plus vaccinations were being done as per the target through online registration at the three previously operated centers, which are being done only in the CMHO office, Old Hospital Campus. In such a situation, people who are eligible for 18 plus are also having trouble. Agar is the largest populous city in the district. Here vaccinations of 18 plus and 45 plus are also required to be done regularly in the Cantonment Sarai Campus, Saraswati Shishu Mandir and Purana Hospital Campus under the earlier operating system.

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District Immunization Officer Dr. Rajesh Gupta informed that on June 2, vaccination of 45 plus will be done in Dharamshala at the top of Malipura in Ward-7. 18 Plus vaccination will be done in the old hospital premises. At the same time, under the high risk groups, 18 plus and 45 plus vaccines, including the family of the chemist and the gas cylinder supplier, will be installed in the municipal town hall.

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