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Jabalpur Crime News: Broken lock of Hanuman temple of Ranjhi, thieves broke donation box

Jabalpur Crime News: Broken lock of Hanuman temple of Ranjhi, thieves broke donation box

Publish Date: | Tue, 33 Mar 2023 : 58 AM (IST)

Jabalpur, Naiduniya Representative. Thieves took out money by breaking the lock of Hanuman temple located at Sarrapipar under Ranjhi police station. In the morning, when people came to offer prayers to God, they were stunned to see the broken lock of the main gate. This news spread like a fire in the area and soon there was a gathering of devotees in the temple. After which the police reached the spot, established the case, and is scanning the CCTV footage. In the Hanuman temple located at Sarrapipar, when Shradwalu reached the temple in the morning, he saw that the lock of the gate was broken and the lock of the donation box was broken, in which about fifteen thousand rupees were missing. There is resentment in the area after the incident. According to the police, some footage etc. of the theft incident have been found. The matter will be revealed soon. The police is now probing the horoscopes of miscreants, thieves and monitored accused of the area.

A family living in New Gokalpur Engineering College of Ranjhi police station area went to relative’s house on Holi. When returned on March, he saw that the thieves had broken open the lock of the house and cleaned their hands. According to the police, 71-year-old Narayan Srivastava lodged a report that he along with his family had gone to play Holi at Madan Mahal, Ashok Srivastava’s house on March 7. They went. When he returned, the lock on the main door of the house was broken. The door of the wardrobe of daughter-in-law Shivani Srivastava’s room was broken, the door of the wife’s wardrobe kept nearby was open. In which two lakh gold bangles, two cloves, silver girdle, silver bracelet and eight thousand rupees in cash were missing. An unknown thief broke the iron sheet below the inner iron door and entered inside the house and stole it. The police is investigating the matter

2023Posted By: Jitendra Richhariya