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Jabalpur News: An attempt by Raduvivi to get the youth out of despair

Jabalpur News: An attempt by Raduvivi to get the youth out of despair


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Reporter. Both positive and negative effects are being seen on the society and people of the Corona period. Like other people, many types of mental problems are being seen in the youth. In which stress, depression, depression are the biggest problem. There are big reasons that people do not have jobs. Due to the exam, the career and future of the youth is stuck in the middle. To relieve the tension of these things, a comma program is being organized with the help of Rani Durgavati Vishwa Vidyalaya and State Anand Sansthan Government of Madhya Pradesh, Autonomous Department of the Department of Spirituality. This five-day event will be held from May 31 to June 4 from 4 pm to 5:30 pm. The event will be done online. The event will be online for university students and teachers.

Life will be told about: In this program, youth will be informed about self-awareness on the first day. Where it will be told how many problems can be avoided by being aware yourself. If youth keep themselves aware then they can become healthy and responsible citizens. On the second day, the balance sheet of life will be made. Everything that is done in life is accounted for. On the third day, relation ship will be told the importance in life. Any relationship affects life a lot. Whose importance is important to know. On the fourth day, the feature of silence or silence will be told. Sometimes keeping quiet works like a meditation. Many problems can be avoided by remaining silent. An understanding of when to say what and where to keep quiet is also essential for a successful life. The youth are being motivated to participate in this online event. To participate in the event, the website of the State Anand Sansthan, festival 80 seats, has been opened for registration. In which the youth of the university can register and ensure their participation.

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