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Jabalpur News: Corona introduced people to many colors of life

Jabalpur News: Corona introduced people to many colors of life


Jabalpur (AboutGyan Reporter). Corona has not only snatched people from their loved ones, but has snatched every happiness of life. People used to work before Corona, earn two pennies and live happily with their families. During Corona, people are able to face many colors of life. While you are able to recognize your relatives, you are also able to see the face of inhumanity. Some are longing for food to fill their stomach, then after losing their loved ones in someone’s house, there is no ration to complete the rituals like thirteenth.

Helping doing social service: There are many such needy families in the city who put their full capital to save their loved ones from corona, but could not save them and now the situation is such that they have to wander here and there to help in works like thirteenth. Food and ration items are being distributed continuously in the city by social workers. Despite all this, there are some people to whom help is not reaching. Such people are being helped by Sudhir Sonu Dubey and his team’s Pandit Rohit Tiwari, Dheeraj Shastri, Bablu Yadav, Gaya Prasad, who are doing social service. They say that these families sought help from the political officials of their area as well as the administration but no one helped them. When information was received about this, the family was provided ration material for the thirteenth standard. From last one month, food items are being provided to the needy by going from place to place. Service work continues.

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