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Jabalpur News: Difficult conditions but blood donation is also important

Jabalpur News: Difficult conditions but blood donation is also important


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Reporter. Blood donation is Mahadan. People are coming forward to donate blood in this difficult time even in this difficult time. Accidents are also taking place in the corona period, in which blood is needed, Thalassemia patients also need blood. In these circumstances, people are voluntarily donating blood so that there is no lack of blood. At this time people are not only taking care of their safety, but also donating blood for the safety of other people is considered appropriate. Many people are unable to donate blood due to the vaccine. Keeping in mind all these things, people who can donate blood are taking part in blood donation camp.

In this series, blood donation camp was organized in the community building Sathi well in conjunction with Malkham Durgotsav Samiti Sathiya well. On this occasion, people also took information related to donating blood. People were told that blood is produced in the body within 24 hours of donating blood. People have many misconceptions about blood donation. Due to which people avoid donating blood.

Those who arrived for the second dose in Indore had to return disappointed from the vaccination centers

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The camp was organized with public awareness among the people. As a result, 41 units of blood were donated. Blood Bank team of Victoria District Hospital edited the camp. It was praised by all for having 41 units of blood donated during the lockdown. Rules related to physical distance and corona were followed in the camp. Priyanka Soni, Ajay Lokwani, Puneet Shukla, Ritesh Narve contributed to the program.