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Jabalpur News: Distributed the necessary materials to the cleaning workers

Jabalpur News: Distributed the necessary materials to the cleaning workers


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Representative. On the occasion of the birth anniversary of the Kshatriya warrior Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan, the essential materials were distributed to the cleaning workers and the needy at the Jan Seva Kendra at Gupteshwar Ward Housing Board Colony, Hathital, BJP Backward Front in the chief hospitality of Thakur Shailendra Singh, President of All India Kshatriya Mahasabha Madhya Pradesh. Wreaths on the oil painting of Veer warrior in the presence of city president Kailash Sahu, former MIC member Inderjit Kaur, former councilor Nisha Rathore, divisional president advocate Shiv Shankar Pathak, Neeraj Verma, municipal corporation Gorakhpur divisional officer, Meena Patel, Vijay Singh Thakur, Sagar Mishra was done. Honoring needy families and cleaning workers, supervisors etc., they were provided with a vaporizer machine, mask, sanitizer bottle, decoction powder as well as flour, rice, lentils and vegetables of puri and chickpeas as lunch. Similarly, looking at the circumstances of the artists of Jabalpur, like last year, Devi song singers Rinku Tank and Sharad Bhai approached social workers. Immediately a month’s ration was distributed to 50 needy artist families.

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Ration distributed to poor working families in Ranjhi: The condition of the poor working class who earn and eat daily in the coronary period has deteriorated. In view of this, social service campaign is continuing in Ranjhi. As per the instructions of senior Congress leader Dr. Alok Mishra, commendable initiative was taken in the direction of helping the people of Vip Bandhu Orchestra party of Ranji suburban area and those associated with band-Baja business, photographers etc. whose business has been stalled for a year. Ration was arranged by social worker Sudhir Sonu Dubey. Taking a pledge to support the people affected by the Coronkaal even further, social food Sudhir Sonu Dubey is distributing free food daily from 27th April to the last day from the Ranjhi Jan Suvidha Kendra to the poor working family members. Distribution partners Dheeraj Shastri, Bablu Yadav, Patrick Ball, Gaya Prasad Tiwari, Subhash Yadav are also serving.