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Jabalpur News: Distribution of food grains continues to the needy

Jabalpur News: Distribution of food grains continues to the needy


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Representative. The distribution of free food grains by Dr. HP Tiwari to the needy Divyang is constantly going on in the Corona period. In this episode, needy Divyangs of Garha region were provided with five kilograms of flour and rice, each kilogram of lentils and one liter of edible oil. Tiwari urged the people that if any divyang family living in their neighborhood is going through a food crisis, then help them according to their ability. Please inform their address and mobile number. Food will be delivered immediately by that family.

Jagriti is broadcasting about the vaccine: Under the guidance of the District Coordinator of Madhya Pradesh Jan Abhiyan Parishad Pradeep Tiwari and under the guidance of Development Block Coordinator Sonia Singh, members of Khare Education Committee, Jabalpur are going door-to-door to spread awareness about the vaccine through survey. Vijay Khare supported the Community Center Police Line (behind SP Office) at the Vaccination Center. Kumari Laxmi, Veena, Mohit, Rohit Kumar Monika and Aman were awarded the first dose of Kovsheelad.

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Social workers came forward to defeat Corona: The city organization Shriram Environment Social Service Association Fight Against Corona Group, Jabalpur has come forward in connection with the campaign being run by the district administration and the Municipal Corporation, Jabalpur. Under this, a campaign for public awareness was organized in Gwarighat Uma Ghat. In which 200 masks were distributed. Also, people were advised not to leave the house unless it is necessary. Shriram Environment Social Service Association has been participating in social work since the lockdown and making people aware.