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Jabalpur News: Factory workers facing trouble due to non-opening of dispensaries and canteens

Jabalpur News: Factory workers facing trouble due to non-opening of dispensaries and canteens


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Representative. The dispensary and canteen of the hospital inside the vehicle factory are facing problems due to the workers. In view of this problem, the officials of the Vehicle Factory Defense Mazdoor Union handed over a letter to the General Manager on 7-point demands. In which the system has been demanded for the best treatment of Corona and its associated black fungus and other diseases. Ajay Vishwakarma of the Vehicle Factory Immunity Mazdoor Union said that in view of the rising outbreak of Kovid-19 epidemic, it has become very difficult to arrange for patients in any hospital. Vehicle factory officers, employees are also suffering from the effects of the Corona epidemic. In view of this, the members of the union have demanded that facilities be provided in the factory hospital itself.

Demands made for:

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– The room in which the oxygen gas pipeline has been arranged in the vehicle factory hospital, should be made an ICU room.

Kovid 19 vaccination should be made available for all age groups.

-Injections and medicines should be made available for the prevention of black fungus and white fungal disease after corona.

– Experts from all countries believe that the third wave of Corona is going to knock soon. Which can prove to be more fatal for children. In view of this, the hospital should have an adequate system of oxygen, ICU room ventilator, HDU. Apart from this, arrangements for medical staff, pediatricians and other doctors should be made at the hospital soon as per the urgent need.

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Kovid 19 Vaccination For all categories, officers working in the vehicle factory, for the employees, vaccination should be arranged within the factory itself. So that they do not have any kind of inconvenience.

Dispensaries should be started inside the factory itself to protect the workers and officers working inside the factory from accident. A letter has also been given in the past for this, but the dispensary has not been opened till now. So that they can get treatment and medicines without any hassle.

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Employee is deprived of canteen facility. Following the Corona rules, the facility of the vehicle factory canteen should be made online as before. At the same time, the facility of giving canteen material should be started. So that officers and employees do not have to face trouble.

Here are the matters involved in handing over the demand letter: Ranjit Singh, Santosh Sharma, Srinivas Kumar, Manish Kumar, Pradeep Singh, Leela, Kamal Nayan, Madan Patel, Ashok Tiwari, Vijay Malviya, Imrat Lal and other members were involved in handing over the demand letter to the general manager.