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Jabalpur News: Help people, but first check yourself

Jabalpur News: Help people, but first check yourself


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Reporter. At the moment, where everyone is troubled by Corona, there are many people who are coming forward to help people. But to get this help, people need to do a lot of work first. It is also being emphasized in the helping groups that those who really want to help do not forward messages. In the message you are sending, call the number given and first get the complete information whether the information given is correct or not. Forward the message only if the information is correct. If the information is not correct, please do not forward the message.

Ravindra Murahar, who runs a help group, said that those who are in the hospital do not have enough time to get the right and wrong information first. They just need help at that time.

Similarly, Surendra Sharma said that such people who do not want to help should not post fake messages. Doing so creates confusion and cannot help. There are also many groups in which the numbers given are not visible or are coming off. Whereas people should understand the seriousness of this time. If numbers are given for help, then it is also the responsibility of the people to be active on them. Many people are getting very upset due to such people. At this time, where there is an appeal for help, there is an appeal to help people responsibly. So that the patients are not disturbed. Kalpesh Dubey said that speaking on the internet in this way is also a compulsion. Because people themselves do not understand what they should do at this time.

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