Jabalpur News: In the Janata curfew, the jawans did continuous duty, now applications for holidays started


Jabalpur, New Dunia Rep. During the Janata curfew, the police personnel who were ready for the safety of the public gave continuous services. Now he too is starting to feel tired. He also wants to stay for a few days with his relatives. After the relaxation of Janata curfew, leave applications have started reaching senior officers from the police stations of the city and countryside. Officials are also upset due to the number of applications being in the hundreds. Everyone has given reasons for taking leave. In which everyone’s needs are necessary, but only those who need them very much are being given leave.

Senior officers did not give instructions: When more applications started reaching the officers for sanction of leave, the ASP instructed all the TIs to inform the officer posted in their police station that the corona is not over yet and the duty is also continuing. Instructions for giving leave, due to which approval for leave will not be available now. At the same time, if there is a great need, then he will be granted leave of one or two days, so that he can carry out his work. Apart from this, that employee should also join duty after returning on the same number of days as leave has been given. If he does not come of his own free will, action will be taken against him.

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Asking for leave by giving many reasons: The employees in the police department have given their reasons for sanctioning the leave. There are many reasons in this, in which there is a marriage ceremony in the family, to get the house repaired in the rain, to get the treatment of a loved one etc. But his leave has been cancelled. However, if someone dies in one’s family, then he is being given leave on priority basis.

Current - students surprised by arbitrary numbers
Current – students surprised by arbitrary numbers

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Applications are coming for leave, but instructions have not yet been received for granting leave. Holidays are being sanctioned on priority.

Shivesh Singh Baghel, ASP Rural

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