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Jabalpur News: PPE kit being lit on pyre and thrown in open in Garha Chauhani Muktidham

Jabalpur News: PPE kit being lit on pyre and thrown in open in Garha Chauhani Muktidham


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Representative. In Gada Chauhani Muktidham, negligence has been revealed in the process of cremation of the bodies of corona-infected and suspected patients. The PPE kits of the dead body and the team of the deceased’s family members are being burnt on the fire of the pyre or are being thrown in the open space. PPE kits, hand globs and other related materials have been circulated around the Chauhani Muktidham. After stopping the funeral procession, the cattlemen entering Muktidham are seen trying to eat the PPE kit lying in the open.

Local resident wildlife lover Gajendra Dubey said that it is against the corona protocol to take the bodies of corona infected and suspected patients to Muktidham and throw the PPE kit in such an open place after the funeral or burn it in a pyre fire. He said that all the officials keep going around Muktidham but the negligence in decontamination of PPE kit and other bio-waste did not stop. Experts say that in this period of corona epidemic, the negligence in execution of waste like bio-waste, PPE kits and other types of waste from the hospital can pose a serious threat to the citizens. In such a situation, the Pollution Control Board officials have maintained silence.

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There are many private hospitals in the city where corona patients are being admitted, but no account of the organic waste coming out of them is being given. The situation is the same for some other Muktidham including Garha Chauhani. Where PPE kits are being thrown in the open. PPE kits are made by cattle morsels.