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Jabalpur News: Ruckus over BJP city president’s statement in internet media

Jabalpur News: Ruckus over BJP city president’s statement in internet media


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Representative. People are angry in the internet media about Sarabjit Singh Mokha, who was charged in the case related to fake Remedesvir injection. Along with the common people, the workers of the opposition and the opposition are also venting their anger. Meanwhile, BJP city president GS Thakur’s Facebook post left the people dismayed. He wrote that there was no media trial . People saw this message associated with the Mokha episode. Soon, many people, including his own party, started asking for clarification on this matter.

Advocate city president GS Thakur in the whole case said that people are seeing his message incorrectly. This message is not only related to the Mokha case, it is related to all the cases in which the accused escape due to media trial. Strict action should be taken against whoever is guilty in the fake Remadecivir case.

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GS Thakur said that the case has been weakened due to media trial in this case. The speed at which the news was conducted gave the accused a chance to erase the evidence.

At present, the police lacks evidence in the name of investigation, which will weaken the case. Just a statement will not be enough to punish the accused. People are making different intentions without understanding the legal language. He said that he himself strongly opposes those who do such acts. His statement has increased anger among the people.