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Jabalpur News: Skin protection is also being prevented from summer lockdown

Jabalpur News: Skin protection is also being prevented from summer lockdown


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Reporter. In summer, the skin becomes dry and lifeless due to exposure to strong sunlight. Last year and this year, during the summer, the skin of people is also getting better protection. Women are able to take care of their skin while at home. Due to which, not only is their skin clear, but it is also getting improved. These days she does not have to go to the parlor to get beauty treatment. These days women who are protecting their skin from catering and household products are happy that they are finding time for themselves. In normal days, it is very difficult to protect the skin from tanning and sun burn. Take care of some things at home to take care of your skin these days. Beauty expert Golu Sharma told that this is a better opportunity when we have to make the skin beautiful by using the things available at home, not buying any expensive products for the skin.

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Drink lots of water: For beautiful skin, it is important that you drink at least six to seven glasses of water a day. This will keep your stomach clean and your skin toned. Apart from this, eat such fruits, which are high in water, such as cucumber cucumber, raw tomato, orange, there will be no lack of water in your body.

Cool the skin: In order to protect the skin from tanning and sunburn, along with eating cold effects, it is necessary to apply those things on the skin. Which cool the skin. Aloe vera gel, sandalwood powder, lemon and curd, raw potato, besides banana and rose-water can be applied on the face and keep the face cool. This will keep the skin soft.