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Jabalpur News: Thumri singer Padmashri Girja Devi is being remembered on the internet media

Jabalpur News: Thumri singer Padmashri Girja Devi is being remembered on the internet media


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Reporter. Music lovers are also very much in the city and many fans of music are also there. If today’s generation likes western music, then there is no dearth of those who want classical music. Therefore, efforts are also being made to make the new generation of the city acquainted with the musical heritage of our country and great personalities related to music. In this link, Internet media is being made a major medium. Some such important information is also being given about Padma Shri, Padmavibhushan and Padma Bhushan Thumri singer Girja Devi.

A calendar is created: Dravinder Singh Grover, secretary of the Natya Lok Cultural Society, said that he has maintained a calendar. Which includes the birthdays of many such personalities of the country. According to him, on the internet media, I post information about the concerned artist along with his photo. So that all the new children as well as other people can know how great artists have become in our country. Children, children, there are many big people who are not even aware of these names. People are now waiting to see which artist is going to come forward. This effort is also being liked among the youth.

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Shipra Sullere, a music teacher in the divisional Bal Bhavan, said that she teaches music to children. But as important as it is to understand the nuances of music, it is equally important to know about the senior artists associated with music. Only then will the children be able to respect them and carry forward the legacy of music with the same dedication. That is why I pass all these information to my students so that the sacrament of Kala can flourish in the minds of children.