Jabalpur News: Trains decreased, passengers arriving on time improved


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Representative. Railways increased the speed of trains, but they were not running on time. Most trains were running 20 to 30 minutes late from their scheduled time, but during the Corona period the railways have overcome the lethality of trains. Whatever trains are running in the present time, they are not running late even for one to two minutes from their scheduled time.

Actually, this is because of the low number of trains. On normal days, about 120 to 140 trains used to run through Jabalpur division during 24 hours and pass through here, but currently only 68 trains are running. Even though this has caused problems to the passengers, but the Railways are happy with it.

Maintenance and electrification of the track completed: 100% electrification of Jabalpur division has been completed. Especially from Itarsi via Jabalpur, Katni and Satna, the work has been completed from Manikpur, which has benefited not only the passenger trains but now the speed of goods trains has also increased from 40 to 55 km per hour, which was earlier Used to be 30 to 40 kmph.

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68 trains running in 24 hours: Due to Kovid 19, currently 68 passenger trains are operating daily in Mandal. These trains running in the mandal are arriving at each station on time and leaving for the destination. Jabalpur division has done the job of running passenger trains with hundred percent panchualty for the 8th time in this month. Senior Divisional Operations Manager Dr. Madhur Verma said that priority is given by the department to run passenger trains. The cyclone was not delayed in passenger trains even during the recent cyclone due to recent cyclone and there was no damage or obstruction to the track.

Jabalpur News: Dealing with waterlogging before the rains clean the drains in full swing
Jabalpur News: Dealing with waterlogging before the rains clean the drains in full swing

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