Jabalpur News: Wedding style completely changed due to Corona


Jabalpur, New Dunia Reporter. The process of doing the wedding with pomp with full rituals and inviting even distant relatives has come to a standstill. With this, now the tradition of getting angry and celebrating relatives also seems to be ending now. Due to Corona, the whole style of getting married has changed and this style may not be liked by the elders of the house, but the youth are very much liked. The wedding is being done with pomp with full rituals, but just because of the lack of crowd, its fun has increased even more. The micro wedding trend that came due to Corona is becoming very popular among the youth.

micro wedding trends Apart from the bride and groom, very close family members and guests are involved in such weddings. At least people are invited to this wedding. The number of people attending the wedding can be maximum 50-100 and minimum 20-25. Despite this, this type of marriage is also done in a very spectacular way.

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Weddings in Corona have their advantages: In Indian culture, people used to spend a lot of money to get married well with all the customs. The more crowd there is in the wedding, the more grand the wedding is considered. But with the advent of micro wedding trends during Corona, the trend of such marriages has reduced. Now people are preferring to get married in least crowd.

The trend of ruminating has also ended: The number of guests in grand weddings is also high. In such a situation, if there is any deficiency in the care of a relative, then they used to get angry with you, but due to micro wedding, at least the guest is being called. Due to this, the practice of celebrating people’s anger has also decreased.

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Marriage without debt People spend so much on marriage in the guise of appearances that they get a lot of debt. But in micro wedding, people can do their wedding in a very budget friendly way.

Decoration will not have to be deducted: If people are less in micro waiting, then it can be done in a small space. In this, the decoration of the entire wedding destination can be done in less cost. Generally, the space in weddings is big, where decorations in different places increase the cost.

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