Jabalpur News: Young lawyers did public service considering humanity as the biggest religion


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Representative. Under the guidance of Raman Patel, President of Madhya Pradesh High Court Bar Association, Jabalpur, three young advocates Rupesh Patel, Akash Sharma and Sujit Singh Thakur have set an example of public service. Raman Patel had taught all three that humanity is the biggest religion. By adopting this formula, these three young advocates were constantly ready to help the needy during Corona lockdown one and two. During this, not only the lawyer community but also the underprivileged sections of other sections were taken care of. All three proved that respecting the lessons of elders gives a meaningful direction to life.

High Court, District Bar, State Bar commended: He is guided by the respect of superiors. This is the reason that apart from the High Court and District Bar, the officials of the State Bar were happy with the work of these young lawyers. Encouraged them. He patted them from time to time and likewise encouraged them for public service.

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We have understood very well by doing service that the real joy of life lies in this. Everyone lives for himself, those who are useful to others are called human beings. We have earned merit by investing our accumulated capital in good works. Its fruits will definitely be found in the coming life, say the elders.

– Rupesh Patel, Advocate

After breaking the piggy bank, he bought ration from the entire deposit and reached the settlement of the poor. When there was help and blessings came out from the faces of those in front, the soul was pleased. Now you will continue to do service like this continuously. That is the resolution.

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Jabalpur News: Online classes for the new session also started, schools also focus on fees

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Akash Sharma, Advocate

Forgetting one’s own pain, if a resolution is taken to remove the suffering of others, then the miracle happens that one’s own suffering also starts to go away. That is why instead of buying a new bike, I invested the deposited amount in public service.

Sujit Singh Thakur, Advocate

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