Madhya Pradesh Weather Update: Showers increased with possibility of showers in many districts, including Indore


Madhya Pradesh Weather Update: Bhaepal (Navdunia Representative). Continuation of moisture from the Arabian Sea continues. Also, a Dranika line has also been formed from Rajasthan to Madhya Pradesh. Because of this the humidity in the atmosphere has started increasing. This has increased the humidity. According to meteorologists, the districts of Indore, Heshangabad, Ujjain divisions including the capital on Saturday are expected to rain with thunder and shine. However, during this time there is also a possibility of increasing the maximum temperature in the state. The reason for this is the constant arrival of hot winds from Rajasthan. Meanwhile, the maximum temperature of 43.8 degree Celsius was recorded in Raisen on the fourth day of Nautapa.

According to information received from the Meteorological Center, the maximum temperature of the capital on Friday was 41.1 degrees Celsius. were recorded. It was normal. Also 0.2 ° C as compared to Thursday’s maximum temperature (40.9 ° C). Exceeded. The minimum temperature is 25.4 degrees Celsius. Recorded. It is one degree above the normal. Less.

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The morning sky is clear, cloudy after the second day

Like Rejana, the sky was clear on Friday morning. Due to which, gradually, the sunlight started growing, but after Dahehar, it started to cloud. This could not raise the temperature relatively. At the same time, the atmosphere increased in humidity. Ajay Shukla, former senior meteorologist at the Meteorological Center, said that the conditions of the continuous rise of the south-west monsoon remain unforeseen. By May 31, the monsoon is expected to knock in Kerala. Due to this, now the pre-monsoon activities will start accelerating. Shukla said that at present there is a Dranika line (trough) from eastern Rajasthan to north-eastern Madhya Pradesh. Also, there is constant moisture getting winds from the Arabian Sea side. Because of this, it is cloudy. Apart from this, Hurricane Yas has been active over eastern Uttar Pradesh and adjoining Bihar as a low pressure area, due to which Rewa is getting rained somewhere in the districts of Shahdel division.

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No possibility of maximum temperature drop

According to Ajay Shukla, it is currently experiencing scorching heat in southwest Rajasthan. The wind trend is western and northwest. This is the reason why the maximum temperature in Madhya Pradesh is not decreasing even after showering at different places. The maximum temperature is expected to increase further in the next two-three days.

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