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Make the district green in monsoon season and throw seed ball

Make the district green in monsoon season and throw seed ball


Mandala (Representative of New Zealand). In Krishi Vigyan Kendra Mandla, 110 farmers of different villages of Reliance Foundation’s district, Chiraidongri Dudum Rayat, Bhaliwada Jar, Jharmau, Dugaria, Chiraidongri Mal, Amjhar Mal, Raiwada, Tumegaon, Mohgaon, Sangwa, Jewanara etc., Didiya of Self Help Group and Training of young unemployed on how to get employment by making seed ball or seed bomb was provided through dial out conference call.

Dr. Vishal Meshram, senior scientist and head of the center said that Krishi Vigyan Kendra Mandla has set a target to make and throw more and more seed balls in this monsoon season. So that a small initiative can be taken to make the district green. Public participation is needed to do this work on a large scale. So that it can be used in more areas. In the training, Dr. Meshram told that if farmers self-help groups’ sisters, unemployed youth prepare them in large numbers, then they can also be sold for Rs. 3-5. Seeds which are easily available like neem, jamun, jackfruit etc., their cost can be kept up to Rs.3 and the seed bomb made from seeds of medicinal plants can be kept up to Rs.5. Explaining the method of making them in the training, it was said that the material for making them is determined on the basis of experiment. The seed bombs to be kept for plantation. In them, taking earthworm manure or well-ripened manure of cow dung and soil, with the help of water, placing 2-4 seeds according to the size of the seed inside it can be prepared by making balls and drying them in the sun. If the seed bomb is to be used for throwing, then only soil is used in it, no fertilizer is required because the ball breaks and the seeds are separated from the soil. 1000-2000 seed bombs can be made by 2 persons in a single day. Through this work, along with income, a meaningful initiative can be taken in making the district green by joining the campaign of plantation. At the end of the training, Dr. Vishal Meshram, senior scientist of the main guiding center and scientists of the center Dr. RP Ahirwar, Dr. Pranay Bharti, Nilkamal Pandre, Ketki Dhumketi resolved the doubts of the participants. In this training, Dinesh Yadav, Bharat Kumar, scientist of the center and Reliance Foundation played an active role.