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Many quintal vegetables become fruitless due to the closure of the market

Many quintal vegetables become fruitless due to the closure of the market


Bina (Navdunia News). On the first day of total lockdown for four days, many quintal vegetables and fruits have become useless due to the closure of the vegetable market and the non-installation of crops, vegetable shops. If the farmers fed the wasted vegetables, the fruits kept in the godowns are becoming useless. Thousands of rupees were lost to farmers and fruit sellers in one day.

Mukesh Kushwaha, a resident farmer on Dehri Road, about four acres; I have planted a vegetable garden. After four months of hard work, the garden is ready. Yield of vegetables had already started that on Thursday evening, a total of four days total lockdown was done. By the time this information was received, he had taken about 4 quintal vegetables. As soon as he left for Mandi with vegetables, he was stopped outside the city. Neither he could sell vegetables in bulk in the mandi nor could he give it to the retail shopkeepers. Due to the scorching heat, the vegetables became useless in one day. He kept the vegetables in wait that there might be some relief in the total lockdown by evening. But due to the strictness they continued, they had to feed all the vegetables to the animals. Similarly, farmers from several nearby villages including Bardoura, Khimalasa Road, Agasaud came to Mandi with vegetables, but after the closure of the market, they returned with vegetables. This made many quintal vegetables useless. The farmers suffered a loss of thousands of rupees in a one-day lockdown.

Rotting fruits in warehouses

Rakesh Sahu, who sold the fruit, said that he was not aware that the total lockdown would take place from Thursday night. On Thursday morning, he had bought fruits worth 13 thousand rupees. Less than half the fruits were sold in a single day. The remaining fruits are kept in a rented warehouse near the Maruti temple. He said that most of the fruits have become useless in a day due to heat. He said that it has caused a loss of thousands of rupees. They have demanded that fruits and vegetables should be allowed to sell goods for at least two hours.