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Many youth could not get vaccines

Many youth could not get vaccines


Depalpur After a long wait, on 28 May, vaccination work started for those above 18 years of age. A large number of youth reached the vaccination center, which led to the chaos. On receiving the information of the disturbances, the subdivisional officer Ravisinh and the tehsildar reached the Bajrang Bahadur Vaccination Center, where the youth were put in a long queue and the first-come-first-served rule was implemented. The youth who queued up on time were vaccinated but there were more than 100 youngsters in the queue standing in the queue. At the end of 100 doses, the youth standing in the queue could not get vaccinated. They were assured for the next day, during which the youth who got vaccinated were happy but those who did not feel disillusioned.

Vaccine line

Banadia. In Panchayat Bhavan, 18 plus youth were vaccinated on Friday. The youth started coming to the Panchayat Bhavan from 8 am. On seeing this, there was a line of youth vaccinated in front of the building. SDM Ravisingh also inspected the vaccination center. Health center in-charge Kamala Verma, 100 people were evacuated. First the tokens were given by the Panchayat Secretary Suresh Bhadavia and after that everyone was lined up and sent to the center to get each person vaccinated. Those who were present there have been given tokens, the cooperation was given by Assistant Secretary of Gram Panchayat Chander Bisuria, Sunil Chaudhary, Asha worker Rachna Pawar, Hemlata Goswami, Bhuri Chauhan, Savita Chandna. Those who have become positive, now healthy, will be vaccinated after three months.

600 youth vaccinated

Betma. On Friday, 600 people between the ages of 18 and 45 years were vaccinated at the centers including the village Methwada, Kalibillod, Machal, Dhannad and Kalaria. 100–100 people were vaccinated at each center. There was a lot of enthusiasm among the women and men including the youth about the vaccine. After a long wait, as soon as the vaccination of the youth began, a long line started outside the center. The Government Higher Secondary School was made a vaccination center in the city. Right from the morning, a large number of young people started arriving at the center to get vaccinated. After registering 100 people who arrived at the center first, they were vaccinated. Vaccination work started at 10 .30 am which lasted till noon. Dr. Virendrasinh Chaudhary inspected the center. The vaccination department was done by Archana Begde, Madhu Sahu, Usha Bhabhar, Sunil Srigod. The local center was vaccinated at 45 plus on Thursday. Sunil Sreegoud, data entry operator of the Community Health Center, said that the young and elderly are being given a covisiled vaccine at the center. 20 persons with 45 plus came to the center and got their first dose of vaccine. At the same time, for the second dose of Kovishield, the time limit for 84 days is not fulfilled, not a single person could get the second dose of vaccine.