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Markets remained open throughout the day, shops closed in the evening

Markets remained open throughout the day, shops closed in the evening


Badnavar (New Dunia News). Permission was given to open the market in the city from Tuesday, giving relaxation in the Corona curfew. Only Badi Chowpatty area and both the bus stands were kept closed. After about a month and a half, there was commotion in the market and the shopkeepers started the customers by cleaning the shops. It was expected that as soon as the market opens, there will be a lot of crowd in the market, but only a small number of scared people were seen in the market. On the other hand, the business class has been instructed to follow the guide line of the government. Markets will be open daily from 11 am to 5 pm only.

In the auditorium of Janpad Panchayat, SDM Virendra Katare took a meeting of the business class organization of the city and instructed them to conduct business business following the Corona guide line. It was told in the meeting that the traders should make balls keeping in mind the physical distance being followed by the customers standing outside their shops. Said that there should not be more than 4 people in the shop, otherwise the shop will be sealed after deducting the challan at the rate of Rs 500. If no one has got vaccination done, then the shop operator and staff should be vaccinated by June 15. For this, all merchant organizations have been asked to prepare a list of members in the age group of 18 plus to 44 years. According to the list, vaccination will also be done on two days on Saturday and Monday. Compulsorily following the safety rules related to Corona at the shop, also put information. It was also told in the meeting that the corona curfew will continue on Saturday and Sunday and the market will open only from 11 am to 5 pm. In case of normal circumstances, relaxation will be increased as per rules from June 8. Tehsildar Ajmer Singh Gaur, District CEO Teeja Panwar, CMO Asha Bhandari, Manoj Somani, Trader Lalit Sanghvi, Anil Lunia, Rajendra Bokdia Nagdawale, Chanchu Rajpurohit, Kapil Nahar, Manoj Kavi, Ishwar Singh Dodiya etc. were present in the meeting.