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Mhow: 32 newly infected 100 healthy people also died

Mhow: 32 newly infected 100 healthy people also died


Mhow The number of new infected is decreasing daily in the tehsil. On Monday, the number stood at 32, while the number of recuperators stood at 100. The death of an infected was also recorded. So far 238 infected deaths have been recorded. Apart from this, the Health Department is also conducting camps in rural areas. On Monday, camps were held at four places in Kodaria, Yeshwant Nagar, Dongargaon and Manpur, in which 153 civilians were examined in Kodaria, 116 in Yeshwant Nagar, 130 in Dongargaon and 93 in Manpur, in which one each was found infected in Kodaria and Dongargaon. .

33 caught, sealing a shop

Strict action is being taken by the local administration against the needless wanderers during the curfew. On Monday, 33 civilians who were roaming the area without any proper reason were caught in Pigdambar. Naib Tehsildar Ritesh Joshi caught them during the visit and sent them to the Tehsil office where they were filled with challans. Along with this, the grocery store operator in Khan Colony was doing business by opening a shop. Joshi sealed the shop and arrested the operator.

80 km away in the hot sun and got the vaccine

Mhow The youth in the age group of 18 to 44 want to get the vaccine, but they have to face a lot of trouble for this. The youth here are so aware of the vaccine that even in the scorching sun, they are going 80 km to get the vaccine. In the initial days, many youths of Mhow tehsil have got vaccinated at Indore and nearby centers, but they are very disappointed due to the sudden closure, because people of this age group cannot find vaccine in Mhow. On Monday, some youths got vaccinated at the army hospital due to the fact that they were booked. In contrast, the youth of Mhow went to the village of Bourasa, 80 km from here and got the vaccine. These youngsters went there on a bike in the scorching sun. These youths said that the vaccine is necessary, so they went there in the sun. According to the information, the work of applying the vaccine to people of this age will soon be started in Mhow tehsil.