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Mhow: A woman died in the hospital premises due to lack of treatment

Mhow: A woman died in the hospital premises due to lack of treatment


Mhow On Sunday night, a woman succumbed to oxygen at the local Madhya Bharat Hospital. As the woman’s health worsened, her sons rushed her to the Central India Hospital late in the evening. The level of oxygen in the woman’s body was low. The corona report of the woman was negative due to which she could not get oxygen.

According to relatives, the woman was having trouble breathing. Even after this, the woman was kept in the hospital premises. During this period, despite pleading several times, he was not given oxygen. The woman was tortured outside for nearly four hours without oxygen, but the woman was not helped and eventually succumbed. Even after the death of the woman, no one is ready to take responsibility for it. According to Jeetu Rathore, a resident of Kailod Kartal village, son of the said woman, he went to a private hospital first when his mother’s health deteriorated, but he did not get beds there, after which he came to the government hospital. The son said that his mother had also undergone a corona test in the past, whose report had come negative. Even after reaching the government hospital, oxygen was not found. According to the son, the employees here clearly stated that they can give oxygen only to the corona patients. Even after this, the relatives continued to pray regularly, but the hospital personnel did not help. In-charge of the case was also available to Dr. Hansraj Verma, but still could not get help. Meanwhile, the health of the woman continued to deteriorate and the relatives somehow ventured out with a towel lying on the stretcher. Shortly after this, the woman died. After this, the relatives kept cursing the hospital and the doctors there. During this period, there was some dispute, but later everything went quiet. SDM Abhilash Mishra also came to know about the case, after which he has given notice to Dr. Hansraj Verma, the hospital in-charge. According to SDM Mishra, the hospital has a separate place for non-Kovid patients where the woman could be kept and treated. For this, a separate duty of doctors has been imposed. According to the officer, they will take action based on the reply of the hospital in-charge. Dr. Hansraj Verma, the in-charge, says that he had received the information and asked him to recruit the woman and asked her to apply oxygen as well.