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Mhow: LPG crematorium will soon be established in Muktidham

Mhow: LPG crematorium will soon be established in Muktidham


Mhow In view of the ever increasing number of dead and saving of fuel in the corona period, LPG crematorium will soon be set up in the Mhow Muktidham campus. Its entire plan is ready. Five bodies can also be cremated simultaneously if necessary in the crematorium. It will cost around 20 lakh rupees.

On average, ten bodies are being cremated daily in Muktidham for the past one month due to the Corona period. Now the situation has become that the last rites are being performed in the open ground outside the Teen Shed. Because only nine dead bodies can be cremated in the premises and their cremation is being carried out after the death of the infected. Although there is adequate arrangement of condoms and wood for the funeral, but it takes a lot of time from its arrangement to the funeral pyre and the funeral. In view of this problem, it was decided to build an electric crematorium here, but now a gas-powered LPG crematorium will be constructed here.

According to the information, LPG crematorium will be established here in a few days. A cremation at the crematorium will require about 20 kilograms of gas, which will take about half an hour. Its specialty will be that in view of the situation, the funeral of five dead bodies can be done simultaneously, which will be completely organized.

An amount of about 20 lakh rupees will be spent on the crematorium, which will be arranged from the MLA fund while technical support will be provided by the Path Foundation. In this, the staff of the same will be trained to operate the crematorium.