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Mhow: New nine-bed ICU unit ready at Government Kovid Hospital

Mhow: New nine-bed ICU unit ready at Government Kovid Hospital


Mhow A new ICU unit is ready in the ground floor of the government hospital’s Kovid Center, where nine serious patients will be housed. The administration has made separate arrangements for the facility from oxygen line to other facilities here. Patients and doctors will get a lot of relief from this unit being in the ground floor.

Earlier arrangements were made for the treatment of the infected in the government hospital in the past, but gradually the system changed. Along with increasing the number of beds, other arrangements also increased, due to which the beds now started falling. Till now the ICU unit was in the first floor where it was very difficult to take serious patients and it also takes time. In view of this problem, the administration prepared a nine-bed ICU unit on the ground floor of the hospital. Serious patients were provided all necessary facilities here. Now such patients can be admitted below. The administration provided a separate oxygen line here. Apart from this, an oxygen control panel was also put in here which can supply oxygen to 15 beds. According to the information, new hydraulic beds, which cost more than one lakh rupees, ECG machine, new wheel chair etc. have been installed here. This unit will be started in a day or two.

In tehsil, less infected, more healthy

Mhow On Monday, the number of healthy people in the tehsil was higher than the newly infected ones. The number of new infected in the tehsil stood at 226. But the good news is that on Monday, 313 infected people came back healthy after treatment. So far, 9562 civilians have been infected, while the total number of recoverable people has risen to 6629. Two civilian deaths have also been reported from the infection. Thus far 187 infected have died. The number of active cases is 2746. On Monday, 472 citizens got vaccinated at various centers of Tehsil.